Virtual Group Starting February 24, 2021 at 11:00 am

The UCLA/VA Veteran Family Wellness Center (VFWC) presents TEAM (Transition, Education, and Mentoring) groups starting Wed February 24 @ 11a.m.! You can sign up at:

TEAM can help both Veterans and family members, separately or together, to chart a path forward while considering the essential elements of transitions large and small. It's useful both during initial EAS and well after into civilian life.

Offered by VFWC Resilience Trainers in 5 group sessions online (requiring internet and computer access, please call for more information), TEAM couples skills with goal mapping, action planning, peer support, and an examination of 11 domains of veteran and family transition needs including:

· Behavioral Health & Wellness

· Physical Health & Wellness

· Spiritual Health & Wellness (Including Community Service)

· Families, Relationships & Children

· Benefits

· Education

· Employment

· Legal

· Finance

· Housing &  Homelessness

· Diverse Veteran Needs (Including Women Veterans and LGBT Veterans)

The VFWC is here to help you move through challenges, whether as an individual or as a family! All VFWC services are FREE regardless of VA benefit status. For more information, please contact the VFWC Family Services Coordinator at  or call 310-478-3711 x 42793.